Realising the full potential of an Action Lab® requires a thorough evaluation of the critical success factors prior to the start of the Action Lab®. 

The conditions listed below have been developed progressively with our experience since 2003. We have observed when and how an Action Lab® enables ambitious professionals to work together in ways that go far beyond traditional learning and problem solving:

  • It is critical that ownership and active participation from top management is visible and tangible throughout the process, including clear communication and feedback after the Action Lab® programme.
  • The employees who are selected to participate must be competent, dedicated, and have high potential. They must be people who are considered to have strategic potential, who are prepared to engage themselves and others, and who are willing take leaps based on feedback from numerous sources.
  • An Action Lab® is the beginning of a development journey supported by individual feedback. Emphasis is entirely on development assessment based on observations throughout the Action Lab® and not on concrete selection or readiness assessment.
  • The business challenge given to the team must be a real-life, high priority, unresolved issue of strategic importance.
  • Participants must – to the greatest possible degree and within reasonable limits - have access to internal as well as external expertise throughout the process.
  • Finally, the client must exercise realistic conditions and expectations for the outcome of an Action Lab®