Mindful Action Workshops

A Mindful Action Workshop is an Action Lab frame, which is specifically designed to increase self and social awareness, in order to increase team efficiency and the potential of self and others.

The goal of the Mindful Action Workshop is to help participants to tune in with individual defensive routines that ’gets in the way’ for efficient and mindful action, and help them break inefficient and/or defensive routines.

It is a 1-2 day intensive framework that can ‘stand alone’ or be paired with a Lab.

Mindful Action Workshops are designed for

  • Intact teams who experience a need to grow self- and social awareness and increase their ability to detect and act on inefficient routines within the team.
  • Cohorts in leadership or talent development programmes, who will develop, practice, and increase self- and social awareness, as well as the ability to detect and act on inefficient routines in teams.
  • Participants in Action Lab frames that experience a need/wish for a strong focus on ‘mindful action’, throughout and after the Lab. This is both to maximize the learning on the Action Lab and to maximize the effect of such learning when back in business.


A Mindful Action Workshop…

  • Enables participants to notice and start acting on inefficient and dysfunctional behaviour in self and team.
  • Enables participants to start a practice of taking mindful action – selfdriven and in the moment, where it’s needed.

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