The core in our deliverables:

All Action Lab-approaches are co-created to meet specific clients’ needs.

A few ‘building blocks’ have proven as powerful Action Lab essentials for increasing business understanding, self- and social awareness.

Some of the essentials and core mantras in our approach to action learning:

  • Balanced focus on results and process i.e. Finding approaches and solutions to the defined challenge while paying attention to group and individual development.
  • At the core of our deliverables you will always find a strategic or burning business challenge defined as a present ‘must win battle’. Learning is centred around the need to find an innovative solution to such a battle.
  • Our approaches are characterized by bottom-up involvement within a defined framework. It is a visible and empowering process that can lead to organisational changes.
  • Participants work in highly diversified groups, generating new ideas through cross-functional exchanges and questioning insights.
  • We will always ensure focused processes of feedback, provide insights into group dynamics, and share suggestions on how to approach group routines that have become dysfunctional.

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