Conferences and Network, where you can find us

Global Forum for Action Learning

Davos (2014):                   
‘New Directions and Innovations’

Cambridge (2015)              
‘Surviving the 21st Century: Global Leadership and Action Learning

Stockholm (2016)              
‘Leading, Learning and Innovating in the Connected Society’

Action Learning Dialog

Münich (2015)
Action Lab und Mindful Avoidance:  Warum sprechen Manager Spannungen oft nicht an, obwohl sie genau wissen, dass sie Ergebnis kosten?/ Why do managers often not talk about tension - even when they now that the cost is high?

ISPSO (International Society for Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations)

Copenhagen (2017) 
Dreams always take place: Spaces, places, rooms, and furniture, inside and around us. Studying Organisational Dynamics through a Psychoanalytic Lens

Granada (2016)                 
Ethical Dilemmas in our Global Era: Challenging psychoanalytic understanding of organizations.

Rome (2015)                     
THE AIR WE BREATHE - Toxic Emotions, Organizational Health, and Social Well-Being: Psychoanalytic Understanding and Interventions

Oxford (2013)                   
The Future of Work and the Work of Our Future

San Diego (2012)               
Living with Risk, Taking Action: The Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations in Uncertain Times

Elsinore (2010)                  
The Angel of History and the Ghost of the Future: Psychodynamics and Organizational Change

Toledo (2009)                   
Differences at Work: Toward Containment and Integration

Stockholm (2007)              
Potential Space - A Source for Creativity and Terrifying Anxiety

Amsterdam (2006)            
The Dark Side of Competition - Psychoanalytic Insights

NAPSO (Netværk for Anvendt Psykodynamisk Organisationspsykologi)

Action Learning Research and Practice Symposium

Liverpool (2018)               
‘Only Connect – Reaching out to other Communities’