Action Labs – our ‘classic’ frame

The Action Lab® concept has been well-tested over several years with more than 2000 participants from across the globe.

However, not every context will fit into pre-fabricated models. Therefore, we expect a thorough discussion with client companies regarding purpose, prerequisites and practicalities before we make a contract.

The duration of an Action Lab is typically between 3-5 days. It can be a ’one flow’ or it can be split into more flows (for example 3 + 2 days), depending on the purpose.

The focus is always on finding approaches and solutions to the defined challenge while paying attention to team and individual development.

All Action Labs hold:

  • An actual business challenge
  • Close coaching on topic and process.
  • Individual feed-back sessions after the Action Lab. Attending to following-up, integrating and implementing individual learning as well as ideas on the business challenge.

In an Action Lab participants will work in teams, each dealing with one strategic business challenge.

Apart from a few fixed slots during the flow they will fully organise and manage their own process, resources, and time.

Team-pitstops, feedback within the teams, and reflective spaces will be facilitated

At the end of the Action Lab the team will present their findings to a Management Board (holding the sponsor of the business challenge and core stake holders and decision makers). This presentation is based on data collection and insights from available sources during the week.


An Action Lab…

  • Provides ideas, solutions and approaches to the actual business challenge.
  • Enables teams to build an enhanced understanding of the complexity of the business and a genuine openness towards colleagues who have different functions.
  • Enables participants to look at business challenges from new perspectives.
  • Provides participants with real strategic business understanding combined with personal insights that are directly transferable to the advancement of their individual development


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