Acceleration Labs – Accelerated project start up

An Acceleration Lab is an Action Lab frame, which is specifically designed to kicking off critical business projects.

Accelerated project start up through Action Learning uses a structured framework to establish a robust foundation for high performance and proactively address key issues applying an innovative and reflective approach.

Continuous attention to building and maintaining a high performing team can be ensured, by combining the Acceleration Lab with continuous and on-going team-pitstops and team-follow ups during the project work.

Typically it is a 3-4 day intensive framework, which enables key project stakeholders to develop an aligned approach and accelerate the building of a high performing team e.g. in large scale projects or complex programmes.


An Acceleration Lab…

  • Promotes alignment and engagement of participants in developing shared ideas, goals and plans, while enhancing mutual understanding and creating cross-organizational teamwork.
  • Enables shared ownership of new perspectives and approaches and increases the likelihood of implementation success.
  • Pin-points and works team routines and procedures that work against team well-being and efficiency, and thus improves the opportunities for collaboration and team efficiency through out the project work.
  • Anchors key ideas with key stakeholders.

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